[4Sale] Used Jewelry Equipment

The time has finally come. We closed our studio awhile ago, moved,
and had dreams of setting up again; but, for a variety of
circumstances, age, health, etc., we will be unable to do it.
Although we sold our finishing equipment a couple of years ago, we
kept the casting gear which we are offering for sale along with our
trusty rolling mill.

The rolling mill is a Cavallin 120mm flat mill with 2 handles. It’s
mounted on a mobile stand (my design) which allows it to be stored
out of the way.

The Casting Gear is essentially a complete shop. The principal
pieces are a Vacuum/casting machine, spincaster, kiln, kiln
controller, Oxy/Propane torches (melting + Meco), Injectomatic II,
Digital wax pen, and a Vulcanizer. In addition, the shop includes
all the “little” stuff that you need to have such as scales
(investment and triple beam), flasks, sprue bases, mold frames,
clamps, and, in keeping with my careful approach, spares for most
everything. I also have all of the original documentation for the
equipment plus the reference charts I made and followed for several

The hassle with selling this stuff is, of course, shipping. The
stuff is relatively heavy. The best way is for someone to pick it
up. You could combine it with a vacation. We’re only 90 minutes from
Disney World. If you’re curious, contact me off line and I’ll email
you a complete inventory. If you’re interested in specific items I
can email you some pictures. If you’re real serious I’ll send you a
CD with pictures of the principal gear.

Hal Holzer

A while back I offered a long list of gear for sale and I just
wanted to say thanks to the Orchidians who responded and purchased
the equipment. There are a few items left including a complete mold
making capability (vulcanizer, mold frames, etc.), a Neycraft
spincaster, a Gesswein Kilnminder, and a Wax-Rite 3 compartment wax

All of the items are in good working order. The spincaster even has
a spare drive spring and several spare crucibles. Anyone interested
can contact me offline at @Hal_Holzer3 for details. Anyone
who contacted me earlier, please note the new email address.

Hal Holzer