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[4Sale] Used GraverMax

While rooting around in some stuff I put in storage years ago I came
across a GraverMax. I bought this with the intention of learning to
use it in setting and anything else it might help make my life
easier. Well, the situation changed and a downsize was in necessary.
A couple complete workbenches and assorted extra shop equipment went
into storage - including the GraverMax - and I started refocusing on
my CNC system. Now it’s time to get rid of some of this stuff. The
GraverMax is probably 15+ years old, but with only maybe 10 hours of
actual use. Storage wasn’t terribly kind to the case of the machine

  • a little surface rust on the case and footfeed. The internal tubes
    have been replaced, everything oiled and cleaned, so everything
    works. Have just one handpiece - not sure if I ever had two. A little
    corrosion got to the aluminum data plate so the best I can make out,
    the serial number is 1A86020 if anyone is interested. I am interested
    in selling this, but I’m not going to give it away-I know what new
    ones are going for. If interested contact me off-orchid at apexpilot
    at I will send photos and listen to offers.