[4Sale] Used Cavalin rolling mill

Hi All,

We were contacted by someone who is selling a Cavalin motorized
rolling mill. He is asking less than half the cost of new and it
looks to be in very good condition. Shipping is extra.

It does flat stock and half-round or square wire. Rolls flat stock as
thick as 5.5mm down to 0.1mm. Square wire grooves reduce wire from a
maximum width of 7.0mm down to 1.0mm. Includes side rollers for
half-round wire. Features forward/reverse switch and indicator dials
for reducing sheet in uniform decrements.

It has had light use and has no rust or other problems. I have only
seen pictures so far but if someone wants to buy it I will check it
out for you.

If anyone is interested please contact me for details and if you are
serious about buying it I will check it out before you buy it to make
sure you are getting what you are paying for and that everything

As most of you know when we sell our own used equipment we warranty
all of it. If after I check the unit out I may be willing to give a
conditional warranty.

If you’ve been wanting a quality rolling mill and didn’t want to
crank by hand or pay the high prices of new this is what you want.

I expect this mill to sell fast so don’t delay.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair