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[4Sale] Tumbler medium

Hi all,

I have an unopened 10lb box of Red Buff (item# 339-495) from Rio
Grande, a upopened 10lb box of Green Buff (item# 339-497) also from
Rio. I also have a one quart bottle of Super Sunsheen Descaler
(#339-391) and a one quart bottle of Super Sunsheen Non-Chelating
Deburring Compound (#339-303). I include the item #'s in case anyone
wants to look them up in a Rio catalog for more info. I really need
to reclaim the space these items are taking up and I just have not
made use of them. Please contact me offlist if you could make use of
these supplies. I will give them to you and would only request help
with the cost of shipping these items to you.

Thank you! I am moving some things around in my shop and need to
make space quickly!

Carrie Nunes