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[4Sale] Trade show case

Hi All-

We’ve re-organized our traveling situation- and have a great hard
case for sale in which we had transported our half- assembled
abstract booth. The outside measures 58" x37"x 10". It’s hard
plastic with 1" foam inside, wheels and a handle- telescoping lid
which straps shut. We’ve used it for a few years- but it we hadn’t
changed the way we do shows we’d probably be able to use it till we
drop! It’s for sale for $150. e-mail me if you want me to send you
images of it. If you’re near Philadelphia- you can pick it up- it’s
in Storage now and you can pick it up if you do the Buyer’s Market-
it’s not far from the Convention Center. Regards!

Rona Fisher
phone: 215-627-3848