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[4Sale] Tool purge

Greetings, All.

It’s the time of year when I take inventory of tools that I’ve
barely used, not used, and have no intention of ever using. Below is
my current purge list. Prices and details are on the spreadsheet in
the folder if you follow the link below (look toward the bottom in
the folder to see the spreadsheet icon “Details and Prices”). Photos
are in the folder as well. I’ve listed Rio Grande and Otto Frei
product numbers on the spreadsheet for as many items as I could so
that you can cross-reference them if you’d like.

  • Foredom Bench-top Drill Press DP-30

  • Pepe Extra-Large Cupola Daps and Forming Set (3" and 3-1/4")

  • Fretz Miniature Forming Stake Set (6 stakes)

  • Fretz Miniature Bezel-Forming Stake Kit (6 stakes) with Mahogany
    Stake Holder and Wood Vise Block

  • Setting-Making Jig With 5 Grooved Heads (Makes 3, 4, 6 and and
    8-pronged settings)

  • Round Bezel Block and Punch Set

  • Sinusoidal Stake-11"_Medium Wave

  • The Art of Setting Princess Cuts by Blaine Lewis-DVD

  • Bezel and Flush Setting With Diamonds and Fragile Colored Stones
    by Blaine Lewis-DVD

  • GIA Diamond Essentials and Diamonds & Diamond Grading Texts In
    Corresponding Binders

  • Denny Schuler Iron Necklace Stand

If something on the spreadsheet doesn’t have a corresponding photo
(or vice versa), it will be up shortly.

Shipping costs aren’t available, but will be calculated according to
destination, of course-with preference toward USPS Flat Rate
Priority Mail (more pkg weight for the money).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. [tgentry at
gentrydesigncompany dot com]

Tamra M. Thomas-Gentry

Tee-hee. After all of the years I’ve been a member on this forum,
I’m just now figuring out how people are able to respond “offline” (I
just looked at the link to the digest for the first time-doh!).

In any case, I have been made aware that my Dropbox link didn’t
post. I thought that might happen, but I wanted to test it to be sure
going forward-I suspected that a link scrubber might pull links
before messages are posted (to cut down on spam, etc.).

Here’s the link, but you will have to add “www,” etc. Or, you can
copy and paste this, but remember to change “dot” to an actual dot.

dropbox “dot” com/sh/smjhminhe61aluv/AAAsMBA-7z5v91NEYdyARJWua?dl=0

If it still gets pulled, email me and I’ll be happy to give you the
link directly.

Tamra M. Thomas-Gentry