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[4Sale] Taig micro mill turnkey system


It pains me, given the amount of work I have put into this rig, but
I need to sell it. basically i have no time to use it. It is a great
unit, not used a lot - 99% for milling wax. It is a turnkey system,
meaning everything you need to start milling pieces is included. You
would of course have to supply the gcode files from whatever
software you are using. It is in perfect condition, used on the
order of 20 hours of actual milling.

The system includes:Taig micromill, with 4 axis controller -I added
adjustable X/Y/Z limit switches, and configured Mach3 for them -motor
is L:incoln model and spindle is 11,000 rpm- see here pc, with Mach3 software
to run gcode -This pc has a clean install of Windows XP, dedicated
to milling macine use, and no other software installed. It has not
been used for anything except milling, including internet browsing
or even connected to the internet, so it is pristine.

Contact offline for more details.