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[4Sale] Tahitian black pearls company

Dear Orchidians, We want to thank you for your responses in regards
to us selling our business. Like we said we have a business that
imports and wholesales Tahitian black pearls. We have customers in
11 states, from Fla. to NY. We had a number of responses, some
serious, most just wanting to know the price. The business is debt
free and easy to relocate as we are home based. Included is a stock
of pearls (approx. 500) of all categories and shapes. In 2003 we
grossed just under $100,000 and this was selling only loose Tahitian
black pearls. Also included are our contacts in Tahiti. Our customer
list has been well researched by my wife and I.

The reason for us selling our company is because of a business offer
in Europe which we plan to take. We hate to see our company die and
are open to offers. Thanks again