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[4Sale] Swanstrom super-flush cutters


I have for sale about a dozen new pairs of three different-sized
Swanstrom Super-Flush Cutters for only $35.00 each and $5.00
shipping. Shipping discount given on quantity order. 510E, 512E610E
Swanstrom Super Flush Cutters are the premier cutter tool used by
goldsmiths and jewelry benchmen around the world and are known for
their extreme precision and durability. These Swanstrom Super-Flush
Cutters are all brand new and won’t last long at this unusually low
price of only $35.00 each (these regularly sell for $50+ per pair.)
Domestic (USA) shipments only, please.


I have only a few pairs left of the (brand new) Swanstrom
Super-Flush cutters for sale for only $35 per pair (normally sold at
$50+ per pair).

Swanstrom Super-Flush cutters are the best, most precise cutters in
the business and is a household word with jewelry goldsmiths and
benchmen around the world.

I have three (3) different models of Swanstrom Super-Flush cutters: -
510E, - 512E, - 610E,

All pairs are only $35 each, plus $5 shipping. As you probably are
aware, these cutters generally sell for $50.00 or more - each. If
you purchase a quantity from me (such as the set of 3), the shipping
would be $7 (shipping) on two pairs and $8 (shipping) on three pairs.
These would be sent to you via U.S. Postal Service Parcel Post. If
you would like the set of three (3), the grand total would be $35 x 3

  • $8 shipping, equaling $113.00. They would be shipped to you (in one
    package) via U.S. Postal Service Parcel Post.