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[4Sale] Studio Safety Equipment

Hello Orchid Members

I have just purchased a number of Fend-All brand Eyewash Stations at
a quite reasonable price over the $31.50-42.00 price tags I have
found on-line from wholesale and retail sources, with fellow
jewelers in mind.

They are all Lime Green Mountable SingleStations - the hardware and
tapes are included-with a 32oz. size ( considered the ‘large’ size on
the supply sites) bottle of sterile soloution in the holder. All have
an expiration date of 10

2009 and a safety sealed tape about the top of each bottle. I have
attached a photograph but never know if it will be allowed to be
opened or not…so if interested I will send you the. jpg image of the
product.hey are perfectly sized for a home studio.

I have four or five extra units and would like to get 17.00 each and
you pay postage via 3 day priority or 1st class mail, or UPS ground
or 2 or 3 day select ( unless you have specific requirements other
than Fed-ex as they will not drive up this mountain ). If interested
in acquiring one please contact me as i’d love to mail them all out
before the end of the week.