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[4Sale] Stones and Beads


Hello all, I’m a jeweler in Portland, Me. and longtime Orchidian. I
just opened an online boutique on Etsy which seems promising! One
thing I didn’t realize is that one may also sell supplies on Etsy as
well as handmade goods. I have been hoarding stones and beads for
almost 10 years now and I am ready to divest myself of all those
stones that I’ve realized I won’t be using in my own work. Here is a
link to my Etsy storefront where you can view these stones and
hopefully find something you like. I’m running out of room and would
really like to get rid of all these stones. What is up right now is
but a mere fraction of what is to come. I have several hundred
stones that will be posted over the next few weeks. It take a while
to photograph and post each parcel so please be patient. Please email
me offline if you have any questions regarding my items for sale.

Polly Spencer
Mary Amalia Jewelry