[4Sale] Sterling casting grain

Hello all,

I’m looking for someone interested in a synergetic sterling

The general idea is I buy sterling coil from a mill and make punched
parts from them. The waste product will be chopped clean sterling

Scrap specs - 0.0927 sterling from Imperial Smelting
Min thickness 0.020", max thickness 0.032"
Min width 0.56, max width 1.1"
Min length 0.56", max length 1.5"

Estimated volume 50 lbs per year

Selling price - Silver market at mutually agreed time x 0.0927
Terms - Check or money order - net 7 days - credit info required

While I’d be willing to make deals with a few people I would ideally
like people interested in 5 or more lbs of scrap at a time.

I see this as a win-win situation. I think the chopped plate is fine
for casting grain. A local Jewelry tried some of the 0.020" strip and
did not have any problems. The caster saves the mills manufacturing
fees and I save the refining fees. The only loser is the Mills :-).

I did check with Imperial to see if they would be willing to use my
casting grain to make new product for me without re-refining it -
they nicely said no.

If anyone thinks using this type of scrap as casting grain may be
problematic please let me know.

Jon Daniels
The Ring Lord Chainmail

Found a big typo - that first spec line should read:

“Scrap specs - 0.927 sterling from Imperial Smelting”

That extra zero reduced the value tenfold :slight_smile:

I’m sure you knew what I meant but still it’s a pretty important
number to get right.

Jon Daniels
The Ring Lord Chainmail