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[4Sale] Stainless shot


I hate to lurk and then post stuff for sale but I have several tons
of stainless shot and can offer a deal here - I think its win win as
Its about 1/5 of the standard retail for similar shot. We had 3000
lbs of bad wire that was too brittle to be able to form rings so we
chopped it into tumbling media (no more Chinese wire mills for me)

Stats - all 304 stainless (at least that is what the certs said) All
0.080" diameter (2mm) round wire)

“pin shot” - lengths cut at a 45deg angle - [] price $5/lb
"ball shot" - 1/8" length cut flat. - [] price $6/lb

To get the special price send me an email with shipping address and
phone number @Jon_Daniels

Jon Daniels
The Ring Lord Chainmail


Jon - has the steel been finished to perform as shot? Another way to
ask the question - do the bits have sharp edges?

Judy Hoch

Question is - do the bits of media have sharp edges? 

Answer - hmm - well the media has not been finished at all so yes the
edges must be reasonably sharp. I have spent more time then I’d like
to admit running my fingers though the media - even up to the elbow -
and the media feels great against the skin so it can’t be that sharp.
If running the media in a large high energy mass finishing machine
for a few hours be the correct thing to do I can do it. Our big
machine can handle about 300 lbs of media and with this sort of mass
the forces involved are considerable - 3 hours in this monster would
subject the media to about the same work as a month in a little
rotary tumbler.

Jon Daniels
The Ring Lord Chainmail