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[4Sale] Stacked rolling mill and Micro lathe

I am moving my studio and am selling a few items. Please contact me
off list for photos and questions. Everything is priced at half

  1. Durston stacked rolling mill with 120mm wide sheet roll and 2nd
    roll for square wire with 19 wire grooves, and side D profile
    roller, comes with stand, 4 years old, cost $2,000 new and selling
    for $1,000 plus shipping.

The following tools can be looked up at using the
item numbers listed:

  1. Otto Frei Micro Lathe completely assembled snd pre-wired item
    number 141.100; I also have the following otto frei micro lathe
    parts: Milling attachment 141.220 ; Neelde ctr spring loader 141.151
    Micro lathe compound top slide 141.200; Collet Set 141.040; 4 jaw
    chuck 141.030

  2. Smith Little Torch and Hoses 114.003

fromsfcali AT