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[4Sale] Spin caster

Hi, I have a spin caster for sale. It’s an Emesco, which I think were
originally used for dental castings. It is mounted inside a cut metal
drum, 15 inches high by about 20 wide. It is set up so when you close
the lid it pushes a rod down which starts the spin. The only downside
is it only handles a small flask,about1.5 inches. But it’s in great
shape and I have a bunch of odds & ends I will throw in with it. I am
certain I could get at least a couple hundred bucks for it by auction,
But I want to get rid of it now. I am asking $100 for it plus
shipping. I live in Florida, so anyone living in the continental U.S.
I am just going to ballpark and say $30 for shipping. So if someone
could use it for a total of $130. please email me at

Thanks, Larry