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[4Sale] Sparkie, Kerr Electro Melt etc

Hi we have the following used equipment for sale:

Sparkie fusion welder. Good for putting posts on ear rings. Used good
condition. 2 collets.030 &.045, Voltage Gage Etc. (for pin backs you
need a Sparkie 2)

Kerr Automatic 30 oz Electro Melt Good working condition, one
cosmetic dent, extra crucible. current retail 1000+

Kerr Automatic 100oz Electro Melt. Used 2 times. Almost new
condition, Extra Kerr brand crucible. Current retail 1200-1600

These tools have been replaced by more expensive ones, they are all
professional quality American made. The companies Kerr and
Triad/Royal, both provide service support and parts for these units.

The heating elements on the melters are rated for 500+ melts, these
are NOT the poorly made and dangerous tong style melters sold by some

Also have Vic 16 Vac caster, Solid flasks.

First Reasonable Offers, Thanks Marty