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[4Sale] Small CNC Lathe

Hello fellow jewelers

I’m getting rid of my small CNC lathe, it’s a Sherline lathe, with a
lot of extras, you can see the specs here: it’s model 8400

I have brand new steppers on it, and I have a controller set-up, and
even a computer to use it turn key complete with software.

I bought the lathe about 5 years ago nearly brand new from someone
that wanted to get a CNC mill instead.

I have used it to make custom watch bezels out of wax, brass, steel
and platinum and gold, and custom screws, both for jewelry and
watches and for antique guns (I used it to make a set of screws for a
brown Bess musket)

If you are interested e-mail me and I’ll give you pictures and

It’s small enough that it could be shipped in the priority flat-rate
box all over the world :slight_smile: