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[4Sale] Sinusoidal stakes-extras available


Hi all,

OK, we’re done with the anticlastic forming class, and I’ve got a
couple of sinusoidal stakes left over. They’re the larger size (per
my handout), and have been very gently used, so they’re available at
$75 each. I’ve got four of the deep ones, and a pair of the wide
ones. I don’t have any of the smaller ones left, unfortunately. I
also have some delrin bay stakes that never did get used, for $50, as
well as some very heavy delrin cross-peen mallets, also for $50.
They’re cross peen on one side, and a 1.75" diameter ball on the
other. Normal delrin cross peens are made from 1" rod. These are
made from 1.75" rod, and are thus much more massive than normal.
(Which means they hit harder.) Four of those left.

Contact me offline if you’re interested. Pictures of the bay stakes
& hammers available via email.

Brian Meek.