[4Sale] Silverhawk cab purge

Hi all,

Over the years I’ve accumulated a huge stash of cabs and I’m ready
to get rid of them.

At least 60% of what I’ve bought since 2006 are Silverhawk cabs, and
I’ve made many of them available for sale at the cost I’ve paid for
them plus associated merchant processing fees (Etsy and PayPal).
[Many of you know that when Mrs. Silverhawk sends out “The Email,”
you drop what you’re doing and hit the site immediately because 90%
of what she puts up is gone within about three minutes-I’ve found
myself waking up at 2 and 3 a.m. over the years to snatch up some
myself (because the email usually goes out way-early in the

So, if there are any interested collectors out there, I’ve put them
up in my Etsy “purge” store =>

I haven’t indicated specifically which ones are his, but I will try
to go back and do that. -Those of you who are familiar with “the
look” know which ones they are anyway. Off the top of my head I have
green goldstone, fossilized palmwood, marra mamba tigereye, a couple
of poppy jaspers, a killer pink imperial jasper, and more. I have a
few more to photograph and list, and then that’s it of the Silverhawk
stones that I have (sorry, all of my Wave Hill Jaspers are gone ;-D).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. In case the link
doesn’t post, the shop on Etsy is VeniVidiPURGE.

Tamra M. Gentry