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[4Sale] Silver for sale

Can anyone tell me where I can sell .999 silver struck coins and get
the highest dollar? I have about 4 lbs that I ma interested in

Dennis K.


If it were me I would sell to NTR they are all over the country.


Dennis contact Houston Precious Metals at 713-228-3931 ask for Pat
and he will give you a quote over the phone. I know and have done
business with these folks for years and they always have the best
prices, are very easy to deal with as well as being honest and
straight forward.

Frank Goss

Since the silver is in coin form, an easy way to sell them would be
to go to a coin dealer in your area. The coins will not be worth
more than the silver melt value but most coin shops deal in very thin
margins. You could get 5%-10% below melt value and not have to pay a
refining fee.

John Vandergriff II

My experience with coin dealers is that they pay 50% of spot price
whereas NTR pays 90% of the fine silver content, no assay fee.

Richard Hart G.G.
Denver, Co.

I deal in coins as well as gems and jewelry, we often will go to 10%
below melt on legal tender silver coins. These circulate in bags of
$100, $500, and $1000 face value at bullion prices and sell readily.
A great way to sell them is to locate a local coin show and take them
to dealers there. Right now you may be able to get up to 24-25 X face
value for US silver coins. I’m currently buying at 24 X face for
coins without major problems and with readable dates.

Ben Brauchler