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[4Sale] Selling off stack enmass

Hello All-

This is sort of a weird post so I hope you’d forgive me if it seems a
bit off topic.

I am recent widow who has finally gotten to the point in my grieving
that I am ready to liquidate the stock from the business I ran with
my husband. I have a volume of items. Including packaging, gift
boxes, carved jewelry boxes and a great deal of jewelry. The jewelry
is solid sterling, hand fabricated and much of it features nice hand
cut Not the sort of stuff you’d want to just throw away.
I’m certain that someone would love these items and that they would
sell well for the right shop.

I have explored various options including eBay and Craigslist and
after running into some serious scam artists I am hoping for some
solid advice from the Orchid collective on the best way to liquidate
the stock. Ideally I’d like to find someone who will purchase bulks
amounts out right. I am really not interested in consignment or
selling items per piece by myself. I was also thinking of an auction
house or a estate sale person but I have been unable to find anyone
willing to handle what I want to sell. Guess my Google-fu is just not
up to the task.

So if you were liquidating to stock from a small jewelry and gift
business what would you do? Any advice would be awesome.

Oh and on the off chance someone knows a person here locally, I am in
Portland Oregon.

I have pictures of course if someone wants to view them off list as

Thank you in advance for your help-
Amy Pittman

I’m so sorry for your loss. There are several options I would

First, check your area for gem and mineral clubs. They are often a
good source of buyers for what you describe. Second, there is a group
on Facebook called The Artist’s Garage which posts items for sale and
whose members are other metalsmiths. It is free, and may have the
right audience for you, especially for the non-jewelry items.
Thirdly, you could find a reputable company to buy the sterling
jewelry at “scrap” value. Silver is at record highs right now, and
probably worth several times what your late husband paid for it.
Again, gem and mineral clubs could be a good source, or Rio Grande
jewelry supply in Albuquerque has a buyback program, and a website.
Buy-back rates vary from about 80% of “spot” value (the current
trading price of silver) to over 95%, depending on how much silver
you have.

Good luck!
Emie Stewart

First of all I am sorry for your loss.

I am involved in the auction business somewhat and my experience
shows it is a very efficient way to move a lot of odd stuff like you
describe. That being said it will also probably get you the least
money compared to you selling in some retail venue instead. But it
will be quick and easy if you find a good estate auction house. Get

You are spot on not wanting to sell by the piece or consignment. It
will take forever and could cause you lots of grief. You don’t need
any more of that.

Best to you and yours

I’m sorry for your loss.

I send scrap silver and silver pieces that I’ve had for a couple of
years that probably will not sell, to Hauser and Miller in St. Louis.

Good luck, MA


(I initially addressed this to Mrs. Pittman, to be respectful, but
it read like one of those crazy ‘my father died and left you $3
million’ emails.)

My condolences on the loss of your partner, and congratulations on
reaching the milestone of grief that you speak of. Some people never

My sympathies as well regarding scams and crooks on Craigslist and
eBay. The thought of easy money makes people crazy, I think. If I
were in your shoes, I would take samples and a completed inventory
list, and visit 5 or 6 local independent jewelers in person.

Alternately, do you have any friends in the real estate business, or
in law? They might be able to recommend a reputable estate auction
house. See if you can get a referral of a few past customers.

I googled ‘Portland estate sales’ and found big site, I didn’t go in depth
but I did see a jewelry auction advertised on it.

Before committing to anyone or anything, I would google the person’s
name, and the word ‘scam’, ‘complaint’, ‘legal’, ‘dishonest’ etc.
then do the same with the business name. Better Business Bureau will
have info on businesses.

If all else fails, post that completed inventory list on Ganoksin,
or set up a temp website page somewhere and give us the link - you
know we’d buy it!

Blessings, and the best of luck

Sam Kaffine

I’d recommend Hoover and Strong for silver as scrap. Take your time
and check out Rock Shops and similar type stores, Maybe consignment
to a gallery? Check references. Lots of people out there who will try
to take advantage. Best of luck.


I second Sam’s reply. Good auction houses know the value and the
market. They will recommend a reserve price. If the auction goes
over the reserve then you will be happy. If the auction fails to
reach the reserve then no loss to you. but beware that pressure may
be exerted upon you to lower your reserve.