[4Sale] Retiring jeweler sells tools and equipment

hi all, I am posting for a freind who is on Orchid but has too much
on her hands trying to help our older retiring friend Jeweler. I will
pasteher Msg below so you can read her note directly and her site
link. do not contact me for the info since i do not have the details,
and we figured anyone interested should connect to her on the FB page
from below. I worked for Seymour for about 3 years in the 90’s, he is
the Son of very well Known jewelry manufacturer Franco American
jewelers in Philadelphia from the 20’s and on. they were part of the
real manufacturing era, I had the chance of vising the old workshop
that was just being unused for storing all theEq. and tools mid 90’s.
so if interested just check with Jane Theis on her page to see the
tools and gems and all that, here is her message

Here’s where you’ll find Tools, Gemstones, and odds & ends for sale,
from SEYMOUR, a retiring Jeweler in Philadelphia. Seymour inherited
his Father’s Business, Franco-American Jewelry Co. & ran it for many
years. But Seymour is now over seventy & as a long-term colleague &
friend, has entrusted me to liquidate his stuff. There are literally
TONS of tools, & THOUSANDS of gemstones…all being offered in the
coming weeks & months! And yes, I’ll SHIP!