[4Sale] PUK 2 welding system

How many of you jewelers out there wish you had a tool that can weld
without the heat of the torch? This tool can tack weld, it can fill
porosities in castings using laser wire, it can weld titanium, gold,
sterling silver, and more.

I have for sale a PUK 2 welding system. It includes the pulse arc
welder, the hand piece, a stand, electrodes, diamond disc for
cleaning the electrodes, leads with alligator clips and cross lock
tweezers, (optional) argon gas bottle and regulator. It works great.
I’m only selling it because I want to upgrade my welding equipment.

Price complete without shipping: $2250

Price without shipping and without argon gas bottle & regulator:

For more info, please contact: Ruthie Cohen
phone: 828-687-7830