[4Sale] Polymetric Xristal Tek 87 faceting machine

Hi All,

I’m selling my Polymetric (www.polymetricinc.com) Xristal Tek 87
faceting machine. This machine is about 2yrs old and is in great
shape. It retails for about $1800 and is an excellent, accurate, well
supported (from the mfg) machine. I am including a whole bunch of
aluminum dops (above and beyond the standard 12 you get), an extra
dop arm so two people can use the same machine, and extra 96 gear so
you don’t have to change the gears if you swap the arm, an 80 index
gear, 2 extra belts, a moffit lamp, transfer fixture, 45 adapater,
etc… basically everything plus some that you need to start cutting.
I am not including any laps since I am still using all of the ones I
own so you would need to spend a little there. This machine is in
great shape. I’ve used it very gently and then upgraded to a Fac-ette
because I had the money to do so (that one is about $4000) and
figured I’d better do it now. I’ll even through in some rough for you
to cut and some wax to dop with.

I am asking $1400 for all of this. If you want pictures or are
interested let me know.

BTW all the stones on my creativecutgems site were cut with this

I’ll take check, paypal, or CC.