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[4Sale] Platinum Centrifuge


Hello Orchid world! I have a platinum centrifuge that I don’t want. I
traded an engagement ring for it - the guy was moving out, besides
getting engaged. He told me he did 1 casting with it, and it shows.
It is brand new, except for some tiny heat discoloration on the
crucible cradle. I don’t want to get into posting a picture somewhere
and links, etc. I will send an actual photo to anyone who enquires,
though. It is the centrifuge, the shield, and a very sturdy, well
made wooden table/stand. Here are two links to catalog listings. It
is exactly this machine. item 265-0800 item 9128

Again, if anyone is interested, I’ll send a picture of the actual
thing. I’m asking $750 plus shipping. I will note that the machine
is listed at 41 lbs. shipping, and the stand, nice as it is, weighs
at least that. Thanks - John and Jo-Ann Donivan.

P.S. - I don’t have any other things to go with it-crucibles,
flasks, etc.