[4Sale] Peddinghaus hammers

Just a Tip to let all you tool junkies out there know about a great
sale on hammers at Centaur Forge. http:www. centaurforge. com. I have
no connection with them other than as a customer and - at the moment
a quite happy customer at that due to the lowest prices i have seen
EVER on a myriad of blacksmiths /metal working hammers…They have a
great bordering hammer and a lightweight (300 gram) locksmiths
hammer both under 28 dollars and originally over forty ( at least I
think that was their starting price). they also have a few other
items that may be of interest to jewelry makers on sale at the moment
so look around- For you novices out there : the fluxes they sell are
NOT for jewelry making…but if you are welding or brazing Ferrous
metals the fluxes that centaur forge sells are appropriate for iron
or iron steel & alloy repairs…like reattaching handles to cast iron
pots, etc. or fixing garden or farm equip. They are primarily boric
acid containing pastes- some with metal filings ( iron) in the
mixture though so unless you really need a flux of this type in a
can- don’t spend your money on it ! Buy a good hammer instead! rer