[4Sale] Paragon Kiln W18-3


I have a Paragon Wax Burnout Kiln Model # W 18-3 for sale it has
never been fired. I have the info posted here about the Kiln.


Because of the size (its big guys) it would probably be best if
someone could pick it up. If someone wanted to have a shipper pick it
up package it for transport that would be fine as well but I would
have no idea of how to secure it to a pallet or any of that stuff.

The Kiln is in brand new condition. It was purchased for high
production burnout but when the economy changed my customer flaked
out before I could put it to use. Oh well. Our Trade huh.

Sooooooooooo it’s priced at 2600.00 and I will let one of you
wonderful Orchid folks have it for 2200.00 OBO

It can be tested here by anyone if you like.

Karl Linger