[4Sale] Okai hydroflux welder

I thought I would give orchidians a chance to buy this before i list
it on craig’s list tomorrow :

I am selling an OKAI Hydroflux Welder, barely used- with one torch
handle for $1100.00. I am including 4 tips, some extra fibre
material for the filter, and a baster for changing the acid and
alcohol,a calibrated mixing container and rubber gloves ( used once)
and the manual that came with it- (more like a printout from the
internet) It has no problems at all.The unit has to be shipped
drained of fluids otherwise its a hazardous materials charge. I have
two of them and want to buy a pair of zeiss lenses instead of keeping
2 water torches.

I would take paypal or a USPS money order. The buyer is responsible
for the shipping ( it weighs about 45 pounds) and would consider
shipping it worldwide via USPS or UPS and recommend it be insured-
but that is up to you. I am selling it finally, no returns as i have
no control over how you use it. I can assure you the packaging will
be over-the-top and if the box is at all damaged on arrival make sure
to stop the delivery person and make a claim on the spot as it’s not
how it will be sent out.

In fact I’ll take a photo for the record and send it with the receipt
for payment as soon as I get it. you don’t need to run it with flux
in the alcohol if you are going to use your own flux on your work
pieces-you won’t get a green coloured flame though ! Available as
extras are: 1 tub of flux powder (18.00),1 extra handle filter
(12.00),1extra set of tips (8.00), a set of metal tips (23.00)