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[4Sale] [NJ] Moving sale in Ridgewood NJ

My friend Geoff Sullivan is having a moving sale, he lives within
walking distance from the train station and the bus station. He is
selling many items of interest to metalworkers. His description is
as follows:

This has gone out on several pages and lists already, I’m doing a
large estate sale Saturday including much medieval stuff from me, of
interest to this group is a third or more of my raw materials and
tooling plus many more metalsmithing and glass items, books and
tools. After decades of working and teaching need to clear house for

Apologies to all non-locals for wasting bandwidth.

9 am to 3 pm (town has actual law against earlybirds so just don’t)

430 Bogert Ave
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Roomfuls of stuff, not all perfectly organized so bit of a treasure
hunt but worth it.

Bullseye and boro glass tube and rod and tools, plus some glass
books 1 lot: a complete stained glass setup with Inland diamond
grinder, supplies, solder, copper, books and some glass.

Costume, synthetic and semi-precious jewels and beads (sorry, no
rubies or diamonds for nearly free) And other metal “stuff” in
abundance, both period and modern jewelry/metalworking tools and
books, period sourcebooks, and raw materials.

2 contractor bags full of leather, mostly veg tanned, about 1/2 is
thick and useful for armor, the rest is garment thickness and
includes sides, hides and smaller pieces of cow, deer, elk,
shearling cloak plus a dozen rawhide goat drumskins and
leatherworking tools.

Thrown weapons- axes and knives.

About 20 hand-picked sanded bull horns for hornwork and a few
unsanded ones

Roughly 50 woodcarving tools, Pow-R-Arm positioning vise and at
least 250 pounds of hand-picked hardwoods from 1/8 to 2" thick, mix
of domestics and exotics like lacewood and wenge. Wood bought for
carving, luthierie and jewelry work so all nice pieces.

Among the blacksmith tools are two 5" post vises with well-matching
jaws and good threads, and a ~300# 1918-1925 Hay-Budden anvil with
85% rebound and clean edges (best offer over $1000 on anvil, it’s
the “Rolls Royce of anvils” according to Anvils in America by
Postman, and broken ones sell for $900 on eBay).

Non-medieval items include tube radios, fine mid-century furniture,
over $1000 worth of art supplies and books, and rooms full of other
stuff. Some saws including 7’ tall resaw, a floor drill press,
compressor, etc. Martial arts equipment of 3 styles, plus many ooks
on the subject.

Cash only, pickup only, Saturday only, items subject to prior sale
as local folks are still arranging pickups before then.

Sorry, I just cannot ship, hold, barter or do returns at these
prices in time I have left. Will not be online before Friday and
that briefly so can’t answer questions, please just come, look at
and buy stuff here.

Feel free to pass the word to anyone you think interested.

Grimbold/Geoff/rather overstressed old metalsmith