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[4Sale] [New Orleans] Jewelry making tools


Since I lost my job while I was on disability, am having difficulties
finding work and have gone through my savings, I am resorting to
having a yard sale this Saturday (12/10) where I will be selling the
majority of my jewelry making, beading & metal working tools and

I know it is last minute, but if you are in or near New Orleans, LA
and are interested, I posted the details and a list of everything on
the web to save space here:

Pleaase feel free to pass this along to anyone in down here who may
be interested!

Sabrina/Bayou Bijou Designs

So sorry to hear about your problems. I have an Ebay store and maybe
I can help you with anything you do not sell. If you don’t sell the
kiln I would be interested in purchasing it and paying shipping to
PA. My phone number is 215-396-4311 or you can email me your number
and tell me the best time to cal at Hope life
treats you better in the future! Linda