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[4Sale] Neo P5 CNC machine

Not sure if this is an ok place to post this but I am looking to sell
my Neo P5 CNC machine. It works great with Artcam, we are just
upgrading to a much heavier machine for some of the mold work we do.
I have never used the 5th axis on this machine but have used the 4th
axis a few times. Most of the work I have done on this machine is
only with the 3rd axis. Does not come with software besides the Neo
software for the machine to run the post processor info from Artcam.
If you have ever used a Model Master Cnc machine. this machine takes
the same mmg style files to fun them on the cnc machine.

Looking to get 23k for it. Once again very little use on the machine
besides very small 3 axis cut such as small College and Championship
style base tops (plates). PM me if interested and we can chat over
the phone. not set on price but definitely know what these go for
considering its a 5 axis cnc machine. Got some little extras as well
that I could possibly throw in if it helps. Once again this machine
works great with Artcam but if you have other software that has post
processors the Neo P5 can use it should work as well with it. If
need be I could always post post processors to help if need be with
the sale.

Just some links if curious: