[4Sale] neglected rolling mill

Hi Holly, a tool and Die shop can fix your mill, Try looking them up in
the Yellow pages, also a machine shop. I rubbed my rollers down with 1500
grit wet and dry sand paper then redressed the rollers with a light machine oil.

Yes you can take the rollers out and take them to a machine shop and they
can true them up again. So it would be ashame to get rid of it if you have
access to a good lathe man. But if you really do want to sell I’d be
interested, justlet me know off line.
Ron Kreml

Hi Holly

There’s a relatively inexpensive way to get those rollers back to good
metal: take them out of the frame, and to a good machine shop. There they
will be able to set them in a metsal lathe and bring them back to a high
polisf surface. Make certain to tell them you need exactly the same
surface diameter on the finished pieces - otherwise your rolls will stretch
the metal unequally, and give you a curved sheet.

Good luck