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[4Sale] My inventory of gemstones

My business has taken a new turn, and I find that I will no longer
need the vast inventory of gems that I have accumulated over the
years. All of the stones are of nice quality at the very least. The
stones are in parcels of varying uncalibrated sizes and shapes from 2
mm to 10 mm or so. There are too many gems to list individually - but
I have an interesting variety. I have a nice amount of large
Amethyst, Cirtine and Ametrines, some most likely hydrothermal,
Imperial Topaz, Blue Zircon, Mandarin Spessartites and other
Garnets, Tsavorites, Kunzites, good quality natural and heated
multi-colored Sapphires, both natural, heated and top quality
glass-filled Rubies. Aquamarines, Morganites, green, blue-green,
pink, and copper Tourmalines, a few Tanzanites, some nice salt water
Keishi pearls, etc. If you would drop me an email telling me what
you’re interested in, I will let you know what I have for you. Jeff
Okeanemail : [jeff at handwroughtjewelry dot com]