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[4Sale] Metal discs for sale


Thought I would post to Ganoksin. I have a surplus of pewter disks,
somealuminum and some disks. Realistically, I will never be able to
use them up all, so am selling off the excess. This is old stock,
from 1955-1980. Most of the pewter disks are pristine, having been
stored in paperfor decades, but a few are really discolored, so I
will discount those.


4 of 11" 14g. $30 each
9 of 10" 14g. $28 each
4 of 8" 16g $25 each
1 of 8" 18g $20 each
1 of 7" 14g. $20 each

3 of 7" 16g $3 each
6 of 8" 20g $3 each
1 of 12" 14g $10
3 of 10" 14g $5 each

10 of 4" 20g $6 each
2 of 3" 20g. $3.50 each

I have a few pre-shaped shallow copper bowls, 5"and 2.5", but a
limited amount, again, old stock. Some have “Pierce” stamped in the
base, so that will need to be removed or hammered out. From an estate
sale. Email me at [spoonladyjr at juno dot com] if you are
interested. I will have to add postage on top of the total. Thanks