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[4Sale] Leica Laser Welder Scope

Just thought I’d post a note to see if anyone is interested. I am
going to be going to a Cobra style scope on my laser welder. I
currently have a Leica brand on it. I decided on the Leica
originally because it gives the sharpest view. However, due to me
being very short, I have to stretch to use the scope and after a few
hours in this position it’s too straining for me. Therefore, I am
going to the cobra and will just have to deal with not having quite
as crisp a picture. Anyway, I can’t trade in the Leica and am buying
a refurb Cobra so I’m simply looking to get close to what I’ll have
in the Cobra. I know it is considerably less than what I paid for it
new and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. If anyone is
interested, please contact me offline and put Leica Scope in the
subject line. If you have any questions you can contact me at
870-404-5004. It’s a deal for someone going to a laser welder.