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[4Sale] Last little bit of studio purging

Hi All,

I have a few final things left over from my studio purge. I don’t
really have a use for them so I thought I’d throw them up here to see
if any of you are interested. I have:

Half-Round Bending Block Set for making tubing, etc. (purchased
new, never used)
Range of 12 forming dies covers 1/8" to 1" $125 plus

Large Sinusoidal Stake–16" (purchased new, never used). It’s this
one => $160 plus shipping

Tungsten-Carbide Drawplate–round, 24 holes: 2.3mm - 6.0mm
(purchased new, never used)
$55 plus shipping

*Showoff Art Canopy with all the bells and whistles (purchased new,
never used) * Includes carrying bags, set of 4 sandbags,
fire-resistant charcoal gray canvas interior walls for hanging photos
and banners, skylight, dual air vents, 2’ front awning, exterior
Velcro for banner, etc. Also includes a separate Backroom for
lunching, changing, chilling, hiding out from
to-be-avoided-at-all-cost-customers, etc. Available for pickup
only–it’s much too heavy, unwieldy, and therefore costly to try to
have shipped (located in Chicago-land).

It’s this => Plus this => And a few additional things.

$1600 [Total package worth well over $2400–I still have the
receipt. --I just want it gone.]

Steve Bronstein Easel-Based Wrought Iron Jewelry Display Set
(stands/mirrors only) I’ve changed my display set-up and don’t need
this anymore. I may have used this set about three times. It also
comes with about 25 heavy-duty cylinder magnets that I purchased
separately. I seem to have misplaced the measurements/quantities for
the items in the set, but let me know if you’re interested and I can
go re-measure/count. I paid over $475 for all, asking $300 [I just want these gone too.]

Here’s the link to see photos of the items.
you’d like any additional info. Thanks.

Tamra Gentry