[4Sale] Laser and Tack II III

I have had a Laser Welder for just 2 months. It is so neat. In fact
I am selling my Tack II and Tack III welders on ebay. I have had them
for less than a year and have started them at 1/2 of what I paid. A
bargain for someone. They are Item numbers 984913342 and 984913542


What didn't you like about the Tack II and Tack III.  Also, what
kind of Laser Welder did you buy? 

I did like them but we were have lasering done by someone else and
thought it would be more efficient/expeditious to have out owm.

TackII is great for putting heads etc… together before soldering
TackIII is really great for jump ring soldering - I did things like
repronging of platinum even with emeralds, using small piece of mica
to protect the stone