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[4Sale] Kiln wire, shear & etc

Hi guys:

I’m cleaning up the wreckage from my move, (last year) and coming to
the conclusion that if I haven’t used in years, I should probably get
it out of my way.

To that end, I have several things available. (A) a spool of Kanthal
A-1 nichrome wire. 20Ga (B&S),.890 ohms/ foot. Don’t honestly know
how much is there, but it’s most of a 4" spool. Used for making
electric kiln or other electric heater elements. (If you don’t know
why the ohms/foot number matters, you don’t want this.) $50.

(B) an old DiAcro shear. 6". I’m still getting the grease off of
it, but underneath the 50 years of hydraulic mist, it’s in great
shape. Cuts clean, and would probably cut up to 14 ga. Built like a
tank, much more rigid than the knockoff stuff that’s currently
available. It’s only 6" wide, so it doesn’t look like it got a whole
lot of use. (it’s one of a pair, I’m keeping the other one. They’re
both in great shape.) Easily the beefiest 6" shear you’ll ever see.
It’s probably either a prototype or a very early production version.
The other one is a more ‘standard’ old DiAcro, and if you compare
the two of them, it’s pretty clear that parts of this one are lathe
turned where the other one is cast. $650, once I get it half way
degreased. (Weighs…20? pounds?) For some reason, the table on this
one is tapped for hold-down clamps. (Included)

© an old watchmaker’s staking kit. It was in bad shape when I got
it, and I’ve been ignoring it for 20 years. The guide is there,
along with most of the punches, but I couldn’t say for sure which
ones. $20.

(D) Anybody want 3 of those giant old ‘high school lab’ rheostats?
(The giant black tubes with the sliders) Biddle Lubristats, 2 of
them are 0-293 ohm, 1.5 amp. I can’t remember what the other one is,
but larger. (Make me an offer.) They’re about a foot long.

(E) Vacuum pumps. At least 2 big old Welch Duo-Seals. (There may be
another one lurking in the shadows…)My memory is that they’re both
in the 10CFM range. They were drained and mothballed about 12-13
years ago. They were running then, so they should be OK still.
They’re heavy, so this is limited to people who can pick them up in
the San Jose, CA area. (100+ pounds) Contact me off list if you’re
interested, and we can work out prices & etc. Expect about $300,
depending on how well they light up, and the exact specs.

This is all in San Jose, California. There will probably be more as
I continue to dig my way into the garage.

Brian Meek.