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[4Sale] Kerr Injectomatic II Wax Injector

Hello all,

A used Kerr Injectomatic II that it in perfect working order and in
very good physical condition. I used this injector very lightly for
a few years and now no longer have a need for it. The Kerr wax
injector holds 1 quart of liquid wax which is approximately
equivalent to 2 lbs of wax. This unit has the pressure reader on the
top. The unit served me well for my needs in producing perfect wax
patterns from jewelry molds that were injected…

Interested contact me offline

Shardan Jewelry

My original post was edited and there was no contact information
left in that post. The contact for questions about the
above is Glenn at shardanjewelry dot com

This unit will be sold one way or the other by October 5th, 2008 so
please email before then if interest.

Thank you.