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[4Sale] Jewelry Studio tools

Jeweller turned soapmaker selling off supplies. All in amazing
condition/like new. Keep an eye on this space

for future items for sale. Contents of my jewelry studio are being
inventoried now and will be listed piece by piece over the next
month or so.

Ummm… Good luck. You are a little pricey for used tools.

The Thumlers 15 lb tumbler you list for $200 sells for $179 new at
Kingsley North.

The Jump Ringer you’re listing for $300 lists for $263.50 in Indian
Jewelers Supply 2006-2008 catalog.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Rocky Mountain Wonders
Colorado Springs, Colorado

I’ve lowered the prices. I was baseing the original prices on the
fact that all of these items are in excellent condition and current
prices from Lacy’s in Toronto, Canada prices.

bryna tracy

Hi Rick,

I agree, those of you not familiar with prices check a good catolog,
not just assume that its cheap because its used.

Linda Reboh

“Lacy’s” in Toronto are like retail…you have over 8 more tool
suppliers in this city. I bet you can bargain with them all in the
recession we are having in this trade over here.