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[4Sale] Jewelers equipment

Every few months I compile a listing of jewelers who have items for
sale in their store (Showcases/safes/tools/equipment) and post them
at no charge.

There is also a large listing of jewelers who are looking for your
"stuff" sitting in your store or warehouse. A few jobs listings as

Items for Sale and Wanted to Buy are ready to be viewed on our

This months listing of what jewelers have for sale and those who are
looking to buy things in your store are ready to be viewed.

More than 5 stores have showcases for sale; there is a Signature
engraving machine available (many people want this) and man o man
there is an abundance of shop tools and equipment.

Look at the index below and then go to my website and click the
"March 2013.pdf" link towards the bottom of the page.