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[4Sale] Jeweler's bench

Hello everybody,

I have a jeweler’s bench for sale, it’s an extra that’s taking up
too much room in my little studio area. I’m asking $150.

I also have a kit of antique watchmaker’s/repairer’s tools. If
anyone knows anyone who’s interested in such memorabilia, I’d be
happy to entertain an offer.

Please e-mail me off list.

Have a fabulous New Year, everyone!


Hello Everyone,

It has been a good while since I have offered anything for sale. I
have been extremely sick, but doing much better now.

I have a jewelry bench for sale. It has two drawers that are the
length of the bench, both have metal bottoms. It has 3 drawers…one
on each side that are the same size, and one in the middle that is
about double the size. It has a shelf that pulls out at the top of
the center drawer. It also has a metal Advil on top.

I am also including a cabinet that you attach to the wall, just
above the bench. It has 4 shelves for tools at the bottom, the back
has a board to hang tools on, also a metal rack for your tools. It
comes with a light at the top.

I am asking $225.00 for the whole lot. I can only offer this to
jewelers in eastern NC, because the shipping would be very
expensive. I live in Washington, NC, which is about 20 miles from
Greenville, NC.

You can contact me at offline. I prefer PayPal.

Thank you,
Patty Everett
Pat Everett, President