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[4Sale] Jewelers bench equipment


For Sale: Used jewelers bench equipment. Everything you need to
start a jewelers bench business. The Bench, light, steamer, buffer,
flex shaft, hand piece and much more. This is a complete package. I
will not break it up. There are no photos. Some things are still
packaged up from when I bought them. If you are interested, I will
send a complete list of the package. The price is $1,500.00 plus
shipping, which was $400.00 four years ago. That cost will be higher
today but I don’t know how much higher. I live in the Ann Arbor,
Michigan area. I planned on using the equipment at home after I moved
to this area, and then a wonderful job came to me and my plans

Please e-mail me at @Sandra_Lee_Hilbert

Thanks so much. Happy Jewelry making to all.