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[4Sale] Instructional Videos

Hi! What a great resource this is, as I’ve been lurking for about a
year now. Reading, learning, and gearing up to start working with

I have several instructional videos that I’d like to offer for sale.
I’ve gotten what I can out of them, and in the case of one set
(still sealed), I’m just not ready for that or changed my focus of

Shipping/mailing will be at actual cost, depending on how many you
buy and where you are located.

Email me OFF LIST at regdor1999 .at.

All of the videos are VHS tapes, and most are being sold at around
50% of what I bought them for. I can’t accept credit cards directly,
but I can do it through PayPal, which I’ve used for years. If you’d
like ALL of them at once, I’ll offer them all five for $100, saving
you another $20 (which saves me time and effort as well).

The Complete Metalsmith (Tim McCreight)
Basic Soldering Techniques
Stamping and Forming with the RT System
Mass Finishing Techniques
Mold Making for Jewelry* (New/sealed package, TWO tape set)

Thank you,
Rodger Kanis
regdor1999 .at.