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[4Sale] Hydraulic press tooling

Greetings all:

I’ve got a couple of bits of hydraulic press tooling that are
surplus to my needs at the moment.

These are custom machined steel dies similar to the synclastic &
anticlastic bracelet dies that Rio’s selling for the Bonny-Doon
presses, except they’re much larger.

There are three of them.

(A) is simply half a cylinder, 3" in diameter. For doing straight
bracelets. It’s about 1.5 wide, tapped on the back for 5/16-18 thd.
(The standard screw for the Bonny-Doon’s.)

(B) is a large synclastic former. (Looks like half a donut.) 2.5"
diameter, with a side-to-side radius of about 3.5". About 2" wide.
This makes it much wider, and a much more gentle curve than the
standard Bonny-doon former. Again, half the cylinder, tapped on the
back for 5/16-18.

© is an anticlastic former, 2.5" main diameter, with a concave
groove around the middle. Radius of the groove is about 2.5", width
of groove about 1.75. Flat back, tapped for 5/16-18. Again, this
one’s much larger than the standard one for the bonny-doon. (It looks
sort of like half of a spool for thread, if the body of the spool
were concave.) I machined these up for something I was working on.
Prices: $50 for the 3" straight former, $75 each for the two
complicated ones. (plus shipping.) Pictures available, contact me

Brian Meek.