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[4Sale] High-end Sapphire

Are there any fellow Orchidians whose September birthday clients are
seeking something truly spectacular? I’ve just come into two 100%
natural blue Sri Lankan Sapphire ovals, one in the three carat range
and the other well over six, which are en route to the AGTA lab for
certification as such, and will be seeking homes, shortly thereafter.
This cache also includes a nice 3ct Emerald, an 18ct red-orange
Hessonite and several other fine stones. Since I’ve been out of
circulation for a few months (broken wrist & forearm), I thought that
this might be as good place as any to begin my re-entry. Thanks to
all who sent well wishes; they seem to be paying off {;o) !

All my best,
Douglas Turet, G.J.,
Turet Design
P.O. Box 242
Avon, MA 02322-0242
(508) 586-5690