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[4Sale] Hawk's Eye, Falcon's Eye, Blue Tiger Eye

I have some of this natural material in a very nice grade, not dyed.
It comes from an old collection from a rockhound-friend’s liquidation
estate. I am selling off all yellow Tiger’s Eye and these recently
acquired pieces of Hawk’s Eye in order to concentrate specifically on
other minerals that capture my interest at this time. If anyone is
interested in acquiring any of this material, please contact me
offline. There is a couple pounds of the blue and much more of the
yellow; these are available in smaller increments (ounces or grams) or
by the piece. Collector’s grade material of this sort, for those who
seek it, is getting hard to find in a nice grade, sometimes only
becoming available as the older rockhound start selling their
collections. Scans available by request. -Alice Pittman