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[4Sale] Gold plated tie tacks

I am trying to help a friend who has approximately 9000 new gold
plated brass tie tacks in his possession. He also has about 4000
small plastic gift boxes for these tie tacks. He would like to sell
the tie tacks for their original use or is looking for an alternative
purpose. He has also considered melting them for their metal value
but we don’t know what company will melt gold plated brass. If anyone
has any suggestions of who might be able to use this product or if
anyone is interested in this product themselves or knows of a company
who can melt them for their metal value, please contact me.

Thank you,
JoAnn Stricklin

Tie tacks can of course be used as lapel pins or coat/jacket/sweater
pins. Only problem is the pin backs may be too long, as they tend to
be longer than those used for brooches because they have to go
through several layers of fabric. You would of course need the
locking part to be without the chain and bar.

Janet in Jerusalem