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[4Sale] GIA gem set

I am a Graduate Gemologist (GIA) and have a small basic Gem Set and
the Full GIA Gem Set with Instruction manual and tone and saturation
plate that came with it. I have thought about putting it on eBay but
think most Recent Gia grads would not understand the concept. They
have seen little use and almost no outside light source so the color
chips are spot on. I planned on going into the color stone business
and that never materialized. Sorry for the rambling but to get to
the point does any body on the forum have an idea where the list them
up for sale. I know they are out of production but someone that has a
brisk colored stone need this is the full gamut of color, tone
saturation and more with physical color pieces to match or find what
the client wants. All people have a different concept of visible
color, my medium dark, moderately strong violetish blue might be
someone else s medium dark, strong slightly violetish blue,
splitting hairs but there is differences in what we conceive in
color. Any advice or opinions on a way to find a home for these
unique Gem Set chip set I would be grateful.