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[4Sale] Gemstone beads

Hello Fellow Orchidians,

I’ve been working with a quality gemstone cutter from India for over
8 years. He just visited me and brought a treasure chest full of
beautiful beads! I have made my selections and there are many more
to share with each of you. The prices are below wholesale and they
are a great value for the quality. His quality is far superior to
other suppliers!

The list includes Brazilian amethyst, aquamarine, smoky quartz,
citrine, prehnite, rose quartz and a few other select The
beads are faceted rondelles, faceted barrels, nuggets and ovals.
Most of the beads and briolettes are AAA-AA gem quality unless
specified with “sleepy” clarity or inclusions. Sleepy means a
watered down milky clarity. Each strand is 15 3/4 to 16 1/2" and the
drill holes are excellent. There are some side-drilled briolettes
that can be strung and top-drilled which need an epoxied post to
suspend them.

I’m happy to send an email of the document listing each style and a
photo of the bead shapes. You can also view some of them on my
website I would, however, prefer to ship you the
gem choices on memo for your viewing, because you can’t appreciate
the color/quality unless you see them in person. Feel free to share
the booty with your friends.

Please let me know if you have questions. 858.272.6566 (San Diego)